9 Reasons you Should be Happy to be Single

Being single


When I was in high school I remember always wanting to find a girlfriend. It was popularity thing, whoever had a girlfriend was cool, who ever didn’t was a loser. It was the same game for the girls as well, I guess it was a way of validation among peers, if you were able to find someone who was able to tolerate your immaturity for more than 5 minutes and show her off as your girlfriend, it somehow made you cool.  

Being much older now, and hopefully grown in maturity, I can see the advantages of being single that my younger self didn’t.  Being in a relationship definitely has its own perks but that a subject for another article.

If you’re single right now here are 9 Reasons you should be happy with that.

Better Sleeping

All of your bed belongs to you when you’re single. There’s no splitting it down the middle, in some cases, the middle becomes two-thirds soon enough. You also don’t need to worry about your snoring or keeping your arms and legs tight or having to hear about how much you hogg the blanket.

Your Own Routine

You wake up on your own terms. You follow your own schedule and you can make decisions quickly, no need to run it by your partner to make sure you have no plans on that particular day. Your free time is yours to do what you want whether it’s taking an online course or learn a new skill.

Never Lonely

This may seem like it’s countering the argument that being in a relationship equals not being alone but that’s not necessarily true. Same thing could be said on the opposite spectrum, that singles are lonely. When you’re single, you always have the option of calling a friend or family member to help you deal with boredom. In a relationship, it is expected of our partner to give us that attention and communicate any problems that are on our minds. Sometimes we can feel like that’s our only alternative and soon seek help from others and you could less to loneliness as well.

Stronger Bonds

When you’re single, you’re more likely to be there for others who need a helping hand.Why? Because, as we said earlier, you have that extra time. This does not mean people in relationships are selfish and won’t help anyone, it simply means that they have other obligations and sometimes problems of their own that keeps them preoccupied. They have to prioritize their own relationship before making time for others. The single person also has obligations but is usually much more flexible, and being able to spend more time time his family and friends will strengthen that bond. In that sense, life becomes more fulfilled knowing that your presence is helping others.


Being single will make you more responsible. It’s simple, if you don’t do it no one will. Whether it’s cleaning after yourself, taking a dentist appointment or making yourself breakfast ever morning, you have to do it.  In a relationship, your girlfriend is there to remind you of important dates and appointments. You have to put that responsibility on yourself and, believe it or not, it will actually make you more involved in your own life. Responsibility is not a scary thing, it’s a sign of maturity.

Learn to Adapt

Life always throws us curve balls when we least expect it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed up on opportunities because I was in a relationship. It could be a great deal on a last minute flight or a job opportunity in a different state, being single gives you that flexibility to make that decision without missing out. (Disclaimer: don’t book a trip without letting your boss know first).

I love single life! Why would it be boring? I mean, I get to travel around and have loads of girls screaming at me, so it’s definitely not boring

Olly Murs

Your Money is Yours

You have more control of your finances when you’re the only one spending it, no brainer. There’s no stress of finding out a payment didn’t go through because of insufficient funds in the joint account because one of you decided to buy something without consulting the other. If you’re stuck with insufficient funds when you’re single, you only have yourself to blame. In fact there’s no reason for you to default on any payment unless you overspend in which case I strongly suggest you read my post on bad money habits.

Better Self Understanding

Most of the time, when in a relationship, we tend to be dependent on the other person. We make decision together, we shop together, we eat together.  All great things, but this sometimes makes us question our own decision making ability and we look to our other half for validation. Since there’s no one else to consult with when you’re single, you have to make all these decisions alone which gives you a better understanding of who you are. Without ever realizing it, you are learning things about yourself that being in a relationship would have made you take for granted.

Benefits at Work

Work becomes more enjoyable when you’re single. Think about it, your reason for working is to make money, you have kids waiting for you at home or any other priority. It’s the time to build wealth, if you need to move to a different location to accommodate the company you’ll be able to do it without stressing about if it’s the right move for your relationship. If you need to put in those extra hours you’ll be ready to do so and, guess what, you’ll score some great points with your boss which means as soon as there’s an opening for a higher position you’ll be the first who will be on his mind.

Do you agree with this list?  Is there one that I missed?

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