6 Steps That Will Help You Stop Procrastinating

stop procrastinating

There are probably hundreds of articles written about how to stop procrastinating on the Internet so why did I side to write one of my own? Because procrastination is something that I go through every time I have a goal or project I want to accomplish. Sometimes I would start but then quickly lose motivation to continue and sometimes it would just resides in my head and I’ll never get around to start.

Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.

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I was able to stop procrastinating when I started following these 6 steps. Now, every time I feel myself drifting from the chores I need to do, I use this list to get myself back on track and it’s worked for me. Hope it works for you too.

Make a List

This step has been the most important thing that has helped me stop procrastinating every time I’ve had important tasks or chores to accomplish. Without a list it was impossible for me to start anything. Yes I thought I knew what had to be done in my head but, once it was on paper, it was clearer. Your list should consist of all the steps needed to complete the goal. Either in chronological order or in order of difficulty, expedient and see which works best for you.

Follow a Schedule

Another effective way to overcome procrastination is putting all your tasks in a calendar to make sure you don’t forget about them. Schedule a time in your day of week when you have a bit of time to devote to the task and stick to it. If it’s too tedious and you really don’t want to do it but have to, tell yourself you’ll only do it for 15 minutes and do nothing else. It is all about getting the ball rolling at this point so once you get your feet wet usually that 15 minutes can turn into 30 minutes without you noticing. Once that time passes, give yourself a break and reward yourself.

Do the Hard Tasks First

Breaking the chore down into smaller, more manageable, sections well help you stop procrastinating and achieve success. Don’t make the mistake most people make by leaving the hardest part for later. The biggest hurdle is always the scariest so get it out of the way first. If you leave the hardest task for later it will always be on your mind and knowing that will increase the chances of you giving up. However, once that step has been completed, you will find it much easier to finish the other steps.

Remove Distractions

Another important step in overcoming procrastination is to remove all distractions that can slow you down or, even worse, forget about doing what you were set to do. Set the PVR to record your favorite show and turn off the television, you’ll watch it later. Turn off your smartphone or put all notifications on silent and leave the phone in another room so you’re not tempted to use it. Stop watching cat videos on YouTube.… forever. These are all unproductive ways to waste your time so once you’re done wit your task you can get back to them.

Don’t be a Perfectionist

Nothing is perfect so why would you waste your time trying to find it? To me, trying to perfect something before completing it is just another way of procrastinating. Chances are, those minor tweaks won’t even be noticed by anyone except you, so stop worrying about making it just right. The key word is minor tweaks, you should always do your best, I’m not saying you should cut corners.

Picture the End Result Before you Start

You have things to do and these things need to be done, whether you like it or not. So another trick that can help you stop procrastinating is to envision the result of your hard work before you even start. This mental picture will drive you to succeed, it will motivate you to keep going and never let up. The idea of knowing it’s possible because you can see it in your head is what will determine the amount of success you can achieve in life.

Procrastination is in all of us, it’s human nature. However, the ability to be able to control it rather than let it control you is what will differentiate you from others. It is the enemy of success and success never came easy so go out there and do what you have to do.

Do any of these steps work for you? What other things have you done to help you stop procrastinating?

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